Worth The Fight 5/29/2014

“Worth The Fight” features 14 new songs from Chartrand ranging from americana/folk to soul/R&B.  The core band features Adam Armijo (guitar), Lamar Gaines (keys), Mario Mendivil (bass), Mike Florio (drums), and Todd Chuba (percussion).  Special guests include Khani Cole, Ray Herndon, Krystal Baker, Mike Smith, Michael Levin, Ted Belledin, Greg Varlotta, Rich Price and Greg Naughton.

VOCE Project CD

The Voce Project 2011

“The Voce Project” is, in essence, a live album.  Recorded in December 2010 over the course of a couple days at Tempest Studio in Tempe, the album captures the songs the band had been playing live at the late Scottsdale club, Voce Lounge.  The band features Mike Florio, Adam Armijo, Todd Chuba, and Mel Brown.  Other stand out performers include Khani Cole, Mike Smith, Everett Ross, and Lamar Gaines.

Sleeping with Giants - front

Sleeping With Giants 2008

“Listeners may be reminded of Nick Drake’s deep plucking style by the opening track, “Sweetly, Gently,” wherein listeners can actually hear Chartrand’s hands sliding across the strings in chord changes. Vocally, Chartrand sounds like a cross between Dave Matthews and Radiohead’s Thom Yorke, and his folky, winsome tenor blends nicely with the pastoral-sounding string solo and flute float-out that ends the song. It’s quite a pretty little ditty. Other songs, like “Smiling Strangers,” are a bit darker — this one’s a folk dirge about the melancholy of forgetting, complete with icy keyboards and a distant guitar solo that sounds like it’s trudging across a vast stretch of desert to pass out at our feet.” 

Niki D’Andrea 
Music Editor 
Phoenix New Times


Out of the Ether 2008

Adventurous and often cinematic acoustic-pop from prolific singer-songwriter Brian Chartrand (The Sweet Remains & The Voce Project). In his latest studio EP, he experiments with different organic and synth sounds, instrumentations, and genres.

La Belle Époque

La Belle Époque 2012

A 5-song EP of some of Brian’s favorite 80’s songs recorded in a creaky old house in downtown Phoenix with acoustic guitars, upright bass, percussion and vocals. Very stripped down, very acoustic, very honest…very un-80’s. 1) Boys of Summer: Don Henley 2) King of Pain: The Police 3) Sign Your Name: Terence Trent D’Arby 4) In Your Eyes: Peter Gabriel 5) Don’t Change: INXS

Live At the MIM Theater

Live At the MIM Theater June 1, 2015

“Live At the MIM Theater” is 13 live tracks from Brian’s performance at the Musical Instrument Museum in November 2014.  Accompanied by his full band The Voce Project, “Live At the MIM Theater” highlights songs from his two studio albums; The Voce Project and Worth The Fight.



Night Songs Sept 2015

The Sweet Remains is a collaboration between Brian Chartrand, Rich Price, and Greg Naughton. The band’s third studio album features 12 new tracks. Produced by Grammy-winner Andy Zulla, the album harkens back to the classic era of harmony driven folk-rock (Crosby, Stills & Nash, The Eagles, Simon & Garfunkel).


Laurel & Sunset Jan 2008

The Sweet Remains is a collaboration between Brian Chartrand, Rich Price, and Greg Naughton. Laurel & Sunset is chilled out acoustic music with great harmonies and a perfect laid back feel.


North & Prospect Jan 2013

The Sweet Remains is a collaboration between Brian Chartrand, Rich Price, and Greg Naughton. The Sweet Remains’ second studio album. Harmony driven folk rock.